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Losar 2015 Year of the Wooden Sheep

World Peace Day September 2014

World Peace Day Sept

Winton Carnival June 2014

 Winton Carnival June

Summer Fair June 2014

Summer Fair June

His Eminence Ratna Vajra Visit May 2014

His Eminence Ratna Vajra Visit May
His Eminence Ratna Vajra Visit May 2014

His Eminence Ratna Vajra Visit

White Tara Weekend 2014

White Tara weekend

Khenpo Thubten visit January 2014

Khenpo Thubten visit January

White Tara 2014

White Tara
Children’s Meditation

Enjoying colouring  and chatting in a friendly, peaceful atmosphere.
Making new friends.
Storytime, a time to reflect and listen to our thoughts.
Everybody’s favourite bit – Meditation. Wow, what a great feeling to be in a quiet space.






Summer Fete 2012

Grey skies loomed overhead but luckily it didn’t rain all day!

Kids enjoying games in the sunshine.

Some of the colourful goods on display.

View towards the Centre and inside shrine room with Lama Lekshey.


Arrival of Lama Lekshey at the fete.





Sakha Thubten Ling awarded over £1000 from the Co-Op!

The precious cheque!

Presentation of the cheque to STL volunteer Barbara Reina from Lynne Coombe of the Co-Op.

From left to right: STL trustees; Sue Sedgley, Jill Stanley, Richard Sedgley and volunteer Barbara Reina and from the Co-Op; Michael, Lynne and Catherine.

Jill proudly holding up the certificate.





‘His Eminence Ratna Vajra’ on his visit to Bournemouth to give Hevajra Empowerment – 2011

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The visit of His Holyness Sakya Trizen – 2010

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