We are blessed, in that our teacher and founder, Khenpo Lekshey, is coming this June.

He is going to be following a programme of teachings and meditations, and by arrangement, a refuge ceremony and an initiation will also be available.

Included is also a four part mind training course on the Teaching by Master Lang-ri Thang-pa.  These sessions will require a small charge to help cover Khenpo’s travel and accommodation costs, (£7.50 per session (concessions/members £5)), but it is a rare opportunity and of great benefit.  It is open to all, whether you have taken refuge or not.  Although not ideal, you do not have to attend every session, there may be ways of catching up on missed sections.

The whole programme at present looks like this:

Sunday 2nd June – Arrival Bournemouth

Tuesday 4th June 7.30pm- Vajrayana Teaching:-  Initiated students only.

Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm- Welcome, Talk and Meditation.

Tuesday 11th June 7.30pm- Mind Training of Master Lang-ri Thang-pa – session 1.  

Wednesday 12th June 7.30pm-Mind Training Mind Training of Master Lang-ri Thang-pa – session 2.

Thursday 13th June 9.30am-Talk and meditation

Saturday 15th June 9.30am-Mini-Meditators

Monday 17th June  6.00pm – Celebration of Tibetan Saka Dawa, commemoration of the time of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Tuesday 18th June 7.30pm-Mind Training Mind Training of Master Lang-ri Thang-pa – session 3.

Wednesday 19th June 7.30pm-Mind training Mind Training of Master Lang-ri Thang-pa – session 4.

Thursday 20th June-9.30am-Talk and meditation.

Saturday 22nd June 11.00am Refuge Ceremony

11.30am Medicine Buddha Initiation (Buddhists only)

Tuesday 25th June  Leave Bournemouth.

Refuge and any initiations requested can happen during the last two weekends (15th/16th and 22nd/23rd ). Please request via trustees: info@stl.org.uk.  Timings will be announced later.

A good time to come along!

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