If you are a Buddhist and have taken both refuge and recieved initiation in the relevant deity’s practice, you can practice Sadhana,  a guided meditation on a particular deity, as part of your Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist practice.  These meditations involve the use of visualisation, mantras and various prayers  in order to achieve purification and accumulate merit.

These can be done in he privacy of your own home, but sharing them with other members of the Buddhist community, chanting and meditating together is a powerful and unifying experience.  We are blessed to have the chance to do this once again due to the hard work and commitment of volunteers at the centre.

The first session is on Tuesday 19th March, and will be the Green Tara Sadhana.  To reiterate, you must be Buddhist (taken refuge) and have recieved the Green Tara initiation in order to take part.  This is to ensure the practice is done in accordance with the lineage of teachings that stretch back to the origins of the practice.

Keep an eye on the calender for future sessions.  Green Tara will be the most common one, but others, including Medicine Buddha, may well also come up.  Come along!

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